Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Coastal Cool

This makeover was a coastal decor design redo. It turned out beautifully.
The fabric for this chair was very up to date  even though the chair had some age.  And the
blue was a perfect color for this coastal home but the white slipcovered sofa that we finished for this home was the perfect addition! Don’t you think so?

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memories Of Children With A French Flair

This is job was for a sweet Momma. She is the mother of two adult children. One son who is a professional musician that lives in Nashville. Apache Relay is the name so his band. Check them out... http://theapacherelay.com/ ... the new album is doing quite good. Her daughter is a world traveler that likes a challenge and is a world changer. Brenda is a quilter and an excellent candy maker she is married to a busy doctor. Brenda calls me for all kinds of neat projects. These two rooms were for her children. So that when they come for a visit, things are updated and to their personality.

This first picture is of the new chairs I slipcovered for her daughters room. She chose a creamy white with a contrast trim. The chair underneath had seen it's better days! Faded, worn but now newly created!

Accessories were updated from Home Goods and TJ Maxx.
I loved the lamps and spread.
These chairs turned out nice. Excuse the wrinkles....that's how it is when transferring from house to house sometime.
Next we went on to her son's room, who is a young husband.This room was created with the couple in mind. This picture is one that she knew he would want in the room. It hangs over the bed.
These pictures were found second hand, so cute.
IKEA sofa with waterfall skirt. And me sneaking to see how it's made. I had to learn how!
The book case filled with board games from her sons childhood and found items that will mean so much to this happy couple.
Bedding from Pottery Barn, that casual handmade look.
Notice the comfort added with a personal coffee maker. Brenda thought of everything.
Now the French flair, the piece I did for this room....a French mattress ticking window seat cushion!
I had never done one. Lots of research and it was completed. Of course using a matlasse fabric from a coverlet that her son used in the past. Fit perfectly and I think it is so cute!


Thank you Brenda for letting me in on your children's room redo! I enjoyed getting to know you! You are a kind and caring person and a new friend. I love my Slipcover business. I meet so many nice people.


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Monday, January 20, 2014

Can You Make This Chair Look like This Picture?

I have a return client that is a calm, smart pulled together woman. I have done several things for her. I love her energy and excitement about new projects. She keeps her eyes open for style changes and new fabrics. She has just built a new home and before they moved in ..... a pipe was ruptured and the entire first floor was flooded. All the beautiful Cape Fear River wood was warped, cabinets ruined, paint ....everything and yet she was so calm. Amazing.

She brings me a chair from Pottery Barn...

then she hands me a picture.....

And she says.." Can you make this chair look like this picture?" She had fallen in love with the chair and she happened to find the fabric by Serena and Lilly at Fabric Solutions. Serena and Lilly is over 45 dollars a yard, she got it at a remarkable discount. So that is what I set out to do...


Zipper almost hidden....

Lots of matching pattern....

Well, I think I did it! I made the chair look like the picture! Do you have some pictures that you are dreaming over ? Some fabric you want to hunt for? Why don't you find that picture, find that fabric and get a new beautiful slipcover made!



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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"I've Just Got To Have It" Bedroom Chair

This is the chair, here is the story!



This chair was found at a resale store by my client Beverly. She hated the worn out, stained fabric.

I personally thought...that when new, and in the right place it must have been a beauty. She saw it at the resale store and just had to have it. She said it was so cozy and deep.... she just sunk right in.

The arms were pleated. It softens the look of this chair. The fabric was washed in hot water, with lots of fabric softener and dried on high heat, to shrink it as much as possible. So now the slipcover is washable.


The back cushion was boxed. A very nice surprise..the cushions were down wrapped, no wonder the chair was so cushy!

The only thing I hated, was covering up this beautiful curve and the legs. But the client needed the room to be softened and in this case a nice long dramatic skirt is exactly what was needed.

The ottomans was so out of shape I had to push, shove, and pull it to get the top part to sit right! This was caused by never rotating the ottoman. Always rotate your ottoman so one side doesn't get worn or pushed out of shape. And always flip your cushions and vacuum them also! A little maintenance on these things and believe me you will be happier with the way your furniture will last.

I sometimes text a sneak peek of the furniture when I am finished ....to my clients...this is what I sent Beverly.

I can't give the whole thing away! I love the reveal. like to see my clients faces when they first walk in!

This is the chair and ottoman......All cozy and finished. When Beverly saw it she was so tickled. I love that reaction! It's going to sit in a beautiful bedroom overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway. I am so happy she found this jewel and she said.." I've just got to have it!"

Update: here is a picture of the chair at "home".



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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Out With The Old, In With The New

Have you ever just been tired of the old? Yep, me too! The past is over don't look back. You know what happened to Lot's wife, she looked back, turned to a pillar of salt, thus loosing her future. Let's don't look back to 2013. Good times are there, those memories are with you always. Bad times, dissapointments, betrayal, hurt...let all of that go, forgive if you have to and move on.

That is what this chair needed. A forgetting of the past. My client was going to throw it out!

It was cat ridden, if there is such a thing, stained and droopy. My clients daughter, another happy client of mine, told her not to throw out, but to call me. Telling her ....that with the right fabrics and my touch she would love the chair again. She started with this nice heavy woven fabric. The look she was going for was a touch of French. She had browns, and yellows and touches of red in her home. After talking...I could see she loved large checks, so this is what she settled on.

I told her a lumbar pillow would be divine. So she picked out a whimsical pattern and a nice twist cord rope trim. All the colors she needed to accent and pull the room together.

The problem we solved ...that the client really disliked, was the fact her cushion was droopy, and it was attached to the chair. The client wanted to be able to flip the cushion and clean it as needed. So I wrapped the old one in upholstry weight batting, after taking it apart. I suggested a gray brown fabric to wrap the seat area that would now be exposed. This is the new upholstered seat bottom, which was screwed back in. And black bottom put back on.

See, the new upholstered seat is so much more versatile and barely visible.

Lots of pattern matching. The chair is so eye catching now, instead of an eyesore.

Love the sides and back look.

The client was sooo happy! She made the right decision ...to be out with the old and in with the new.

What do you want to make new in your home? Look around give me a call!


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