Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memories Of Children With A French Flair

This is job was for a sweet Momma. She is the mother of two adult children. One son who is a professional musician that lives in Nashville. Apache Relay is the name so his band. Check them out... ... the new album is doing quite good. Her daughter is a world traveler that likes a challenge and is a world changer. Brenda is a quilter and an excellent candy maker she is married to a busy doctor. Brenda calls me for all kinds of neat projects. These two rooms were for her children. So that when they come for a visit, things are updated and to their personality.

This first picture is of the new chairs I slipcovered for her daughters room. She chose a creamy white with a contrast trim. The chair underneath had seen it's better days! Faded, worn but now newly created!

Accessories were updated from Home Goods and TJ Maxx.
I loved the lamps and spread.
These chairs turned out nice. Excuse the wrinkles....that's how it is when transferring from house to house sometime.
Next we went on to her son's room, who is a young husband.This room was created with the couple in mind. This picture is one that she knew he would want in the room. It hangs over the bed.
These pictures were found second hand, so cute.
IKEA sofa with waterfall skirt. And me sneaking to see how it's made. I had to learn how!
The book case filled with board games from her sons childhood and found items that will mean so much to this happy couple.
Bedding from Pottery Barn, that casual handmade look.
Notice the comfort added with a personal coffee maker. Brenda thought of everything.
Now the French flair, the piece I did for this room....a French mattress ticking window seat cushion!
I had never done one. Lots of research and it was completed. Of course using a matlasse fabric from a coverlet that her son used in the past. Fit perfectly and I think it is so cute!


Thank you Brenda for letting me in on your children's room redo! I enjoyed getting to know you! You are a kind and caring person and a new friend. I love my Slipcover business. I meet so many nice people.


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  1. Great job on the french mattress! I've never done one. Looks fabulous!!!

  2. Can you advise me where I can get a slipcover for camelback sofa?

    1. If you are local to the Wilmington, nc area please email me. If not check your local fabric stores or upholsters!

  3. Kudos on the French mattress! I investigated the making of these just the other day! Yours looks terrific!

    1. You must give it a try! It actually fun, but a little hard on the hands pushing the needle thru!


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