Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beauty At Last

I had a wonderful designer contact me and I have enjoyed working with her so much. She is Eliddia Mader of EJ Designs in Wilmington, North Carolina. Eliddia has great taste and likes a challenge. She has a very nice client with a very nice home in a very nice neighborhood!! Well, this very nice man needed a deep seated sofa. So they looked high and low and finally found one in an upscale consignment store. It must have been for a beach home because of the fabric choice and the blue brush fringe that was on it before.

The back cushions were just too soft for the client, so she did some changing! She picked out the most beautiful tobacco colored fabric(cured tobacco, that is) for the sofa. It was a blend of some type.( I washed and dried it 2 times in hot water for pre-shrinking.) Then she had an upholsterer fabricate some new back cushions. She topped them off with these custom silk pillows. I put a zipper in the back corner of the sofa for easy on and off.

After we delivered the sofa, she called and said the client thought that the sofa was a "masterpiece"! Wow! She and I and the upholsterer pulled it off. Isn't it beautiful? Wish you could see the beautiful golden color. Speaking of tobacco...growing up in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, I used to love the fall. The smell of fresh cured tobacco would permeate the air. It smelled divine. This sofa color brought back a lot of those memories! Smell memories are the best! Don't you think? If you need a decorator, let me know and I will put you in contact with Eliddia!

This is the sofa before it was slipcovered and the too soft cushions. It stayed in my workroom for a while waiting for all its parts.

This pile of sofa's, chairs and lots of cushions from so many different clients seemed never ending.

Whew, cushions made from drop cloths...done. Pillows for a beach house....done. Cushions for a chair..... Cushions for a rocker...done. Sofa....done. Beauty At Last!!

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  1. WOW, beautiful work! Job well done. Thanks for sharing. Shelley

  2. good job girl...so happy that it's all working out for you. I am gearing up for the next two months, my workroom, garage, and trailer are full of couches, chairs, cushions, pillows,etc.

  3. I love this color. The 25 meters of fabric I just bought in Hanoi looks like the same color as your first photograph in this post. Can't wait to sew with it!


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