Monday, January 10, 2011

Redo of a Grandmothers Petite Sofa

I got a call from a young woman that had inherited her Grandmother's very petite sofa. She said that she wanted a white slipcover made for it, because as you will see the floral pattern was very dated and not fitting in this very upscale remodel for a smart nursing student. I told her to bring the sofa to me and I would be glad to slipcover. Well, when she got out of the truck with her very tall and kind boyfriend, I could see that they were just not going to fit on this sofa. They were both tall and the sofa was very short. They were about the cutest couple I have seen. What a delima! So tall and a sofa so short. So I suggested that we elevate the sofa from the bottom and we could add some new and stylish legs! She loved the idea and so did he. My hubbie Brian, who by the way has a construction business and does all kinds of jobs, none to small, and is avaialable for the job of buiding up the sofa bottom and adding the legs. How did you like that plug for business??? Call himl!!! Didn't he do a great job?He stained the legs a dark mahogony and varnished with a satin spray. Thanks hubbie!

This is a sneak peek of the sofa. As you can tell it was near Christmas when this went out of my workroom.

Check out the leg system on the bottom of the original sofa. WOW! Those babies were heavy! It was a type of spring system, there were two of them. It made the sofa sit kind of odd. And the granddaughter did not want them anymore. Your wish is my command!!

This next photo shows the dated floral fabric. The back was attatched to the sofa and it was tufted to the sofa.

As you can see, I have taken the back cushion off. The gray area on the inside back of the sofa was actually pieced together with very old round staples, I removed them so they wouldn't stain the new slipcover and hand sewed upholstry batting over the area. Now that the skirt has been ripped off you can see the spring legs. That skirt had a ton of staples in it! Whew!

This next shot shows the bottom and the changes my hubbie made. The boards were cut in a curve, because of course the sofa was curved. It seems I never get a square bottom when I have to add height!! All of this wood gets covered with the fabric scraps from the slipcover. I just wrap and staple.

This shows the sofa before the work began!

This is the finished product. She didn't want tufting in the back cushion. You really can't wash it if we tufted, and she wanted it to be washable, Now the back cushion can be flipped around and used on the other side before having to wash. I thought that the slipcover came out beautiful. When we delivered the sofa, the tall boyfriend sat down and it was the perfect height! Now everyone is happy and we hope grandmother is also! Because her old piece that she cherished is now in its new home, updated and beautiful and very loved with its new look. Yeh! for happy endings.

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  1. What a great job you did! I am a new follower so that I can admire your work. I would love for you to stop by my place and visit and follow back (and make a few slip covers while your there) :)

  2. Wow Beatiful job love the new legs! and what a great new look!
    Also thank you for your input on my little fabric weight delima its always helpful to hear from others that are in the biz.
    PS can I ask where you got your legs from I have a chair that I am wanting to do the same thing with.

  3. Gina, what a beautiful job! Lucky you that your hubby can modify thing for you.

  4. What a great idea to take off the tuffted backing. I was wondering if I was looking at the same sofa. I love the clean lines of this slipcover. You are amazing at this! I'm so intimidated to make a sofa slip. I've made a few for other small projects. I'm following and would love to see more or your work.

    ~Michelle :)

  5. awesome!! i love re-purposed furniture!!! this is such a great project!


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