Tuesday, March 29, 2011

British Colonial Chippendale Loveseat

Check out this very traditional Chippendale Camelback Loveseat. The client wanted to add a skirt and put a Tommy Bahama screen print outdoor fabric on it.  The pattern is TBO Bamboo Gate, and was purchased through http://www.fabric.com/ . This is a great place to find fabrics of all types if your local hometown fabric store doesn't have what you are looking for or the amount you are needing.  This fabric is a soft, outdoor fabric. Easy to wipe spills off! I think it turned out great.

Oh, this by the way is the before photo. The client has a cat that did some damage on the front of the arms. I had to do give it a "haircut" before I started.

                            A view of the very curved out arm.  Check out the pattern, boy, it was fun to match that!
                                             View of the front of the cushion and skirt.

This is where I add the zipper if one is needed, in the back corner. This may sound a little over the top. But if I think about it I will find out how the furniture is placed in the clients room and put the zipper on the side that it will not be noticed. Check it out though, it is not noticable.  I put the zipper up next to the cording.  Not all furniture needs a zipper! This is going in a lovely home at the beach, where all things British Colonial reign!

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  1. It looks beautiful! Those sloping curving arms are not easy (and I bet matching that fabric wasn't a piece of cake either!) Really nice.

  2. What a vast improvement. That is so tough to match patterns even more so on a slip cover. Great job!

  3. It must have been so difficult to match up the pattern, but you did such a great job!


  4. Great Job I love the fabric too.

  5. Great job matching up the trellis design...well done!

    janet xox


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