Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Story of a Beautiful Chair

This is the story of a beautiful chair. Melissa loved the chair, but her hubby really had an aversion to the fabric. He called it names, lets just say. Melissa told her husband she would keep the beautiful chair, but would give it a little change for a while. So Melissa looked through the kingdom high and low till she found someone....Me....to make her some beautiful white slipcovers. Alas, they are done, the chairs are calm and serene for the nice new white look that Melissa desired and her husband didn't know that he really wanted. Everyone is happy in the kingdom, white is the ruling color for the living room now... and all is well.

This is the new look for Princess Melissa and her high flying husband. They each have a chair in which to sit upon. Ahhh, thank goodness there are new clothes for the furniture. Fairy tales do come true. The End.

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  1. To cute Gina! So glad you were able to save a beautiful chair.

  2. Great outcome although I did love that original fabric too. Sometimes it's hard to keep everyone in the family happy but you appear to have succeeded with this chair:o)

  3. Whew.... from pretty powerful to such a lovely neutral..... Great job.

    Warm blessings,


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