Monday, May 23, 2011

Slipcovered Headboard

Wow! Have I been too busy sewing to even stop and put up a posting. Thanks for coming by and checking things out anyway. I see that other bloggers have been busy also, by the looks of their entries. I always heard that it was busy in the spring and fall for those of us that sew home goods for clients, and I have definitely found this out! 

This headboard was done for a clients 3 year old daughter.  Seems she likes to jump on the bed and the parents wanted a soft landing....tee hee!  So the mom traced this headboard, the dad cut it out of very heavy plywood and then the mom glued the foam on the frame. I was commissioned to make a washable slipcover. The fabric was purchased from Artee in Wilmington, NC, then was prewashed. I made the slipcover with a zipper so that it could easily be slipped on and off.

                                           Here you can see how I pinfitted the slipcover.
Another view of the pinfitting in the boxed area on the top of the slipcover. Pay no attention to my messy work area!!

If I do this type headboard again...I am going to attatch the cording to the large pieces first, eliminating all this pinning.  You know..... sometimes, you just overlook the obvious!!!

This is a view of the front of the headboard. I had to add fabric at the bottom to make the length work.

Added length, with the bottom edge alread hemmed.

                   This is a view fo the headboard from the back, showing how it was put together.
                    Close up of the zipper that I installed so the cover would come off easily for washing.
                                                View of the boxing and cording work.
           One last pictue before it goes out the door to a beautiful little girl and her fairyland bedroom!

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  1. Gorgeous - the cording installation is perfect!


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