Tuesday, October 26, 2010

40's Boudoir Chair

Check out this 40's Boudoir Chair. Boudoir....meaning ladies bedroom/dressingroom. My client, Susan, emailed me from Goldsboro, NC. Goldsboro is my sisters hometown and also home to City Girls. A cute consignment store. Susan loved the chair and the cute size, but not the ill fitting slipcover. So City Girls gave her my card, she bought the chair and the rest is history. Under the very bad fitting slipcover was a beautiful gold silk upholstered chair. But alas, thefabric was very stained and very old.

Susan picked out this beautiful fabric from Cloth Barn in Goldsboro. I didn't have to put a zipper in the slipcover, it fits beautifully. The coordinating pillow fabric is so soft and it is kind of puckered. I put a down pillow insert in that I purchased from a consignment store for 3.99! Consignment stores are a good place to check for down inserts and Ross Stores are also! The pillow cover may not be to your liking...but go for the down insert!

The skirt was made longer for it's new update. I actually hauled this chair in a Volkswagon! Getting it in there was one thing, getting it out of the VW was another! Susan was happy with her new Boudoir Chair and she says she has other chairs waiting to be slipped.

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  1. Another great job. You must have been a seamstress in a previous life. Sewing is my least favorite aspect of upholstery so I have a long way to go to create such fine slips. Thanks for sharing!

  2. beautiful work! I wish you lived closer...I'd have a few projects for you :)

    ps. glad you enjoyed the coconut pound cake :)

  3. that fabric is to die for! it looks phenomenal!

  4. Beautiful fabric and you did a superb job recovering it! Came by from Pink and Polka Dot. JenT


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