Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Honey Do..." Shower

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted in a month! I have been very busy slipcovering, fighting allergies, planning a shower for a friends son! Whew! I am so ready for spring to get here and warm weather. Speaking of the shower....I thought I would share the idea for a HONEY DO SHOWER, that my friends, Wendy, Terry and I put on for David and his bride Rebecca.

I am friends with David's mom and my husband does home improvements for David. Because of the groom connection with this shower, we decided to get David hooked up with some tools and "Honey Do" items!  David loved the idea. The Invitations went out, with the notation that David was Registered at Home Depot! Home Depot will register gifts for showers and weddings. Awesome!  We picked out at cute invite with pictures of tools by a recliner. They were adorable. From the invitations, we got our colors, yellow, chocolate brown and lime green. 
Around here folks are making these cute wreaths out of netting. They will charge about $70.00 to make one for you. So I decided to try and make one myself. Since the theme was "Honey Do", I decided to add some bees. Do you know how hard it is to find bees?  I found some with blue on them, why blue I don't know, and they didn't have black and white stripes, so I repainted them. I also put a small flag with a honey bee out by the sidewalk on the lantern post.
This is the invitation. Didn't show the message part, because it had private info on there. But wanted you to see the cute invitations.

Next step was the theme decorations on the table. My son has an antique tool box, so we used that for our centerpiece. I put some foam in the bottom. Cut pieces of plumbing pvc (for toilets,ha ha) then added some nice wire brushes used on drills for what I don't know...but they looked like flowers to me and my friend Lynn, when we went shopping!  Then I added the ribbon from the corsages to them to look like petals hanging from the flowers. I found some other bees that I stuck in the mix, added some flower seed packets, a cute ceramic worm on the side and 3 paint brushes. Then to finish off, I used the filler that you use in gift wrapping. I thought that it looked like wood shavings. What do you think? 
As you can see... we used paint cans for the cheese and  metal buckets for the fruit. 
We used metal paint trays for the secret bbq sauce chicken, and the cocktail weiners.  We used a paint spatula to serve the apple carmel dip.  And honey pots for dipping sauces. Check out the caution tape down the center of our painters drop cloth..table cloth.

I can't believe that I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes.  They were done by Lauren and Kim Smith over at Carolina Candy Company...delicious! The cupcakes were chocolate with buttercream frosting...and little black and yellow stripe sugar bees! Adorable...uh, excuse me this is a man's shower, so I shouldn't use adorable and cute in my vocabulary. The cupcakes were served in an industrial metal looking cupcake server, found at Home Goods. Beside that tower of cupcakes was a big metal silver colored dust pan filled with cupcakes. It was....not cute....uh....neat.  The groom got to keep all the items that we used in our decorating as part of his gift.
We also used the paint sample cards in our theme colors (of course) for name tags. I used my sewing pins that are shaped like nails....to put them on our guests.  On the counter behind, (and I forgot to take pictures, we served lemonade, and we also served little bottled Cokes, in a metal bin of ice right on the counter. The guests loved the little Cokes. I saw a couple of those little bottles leaving unopened with some guests!

We found a wheel barrow in our green theme color.  Then  my daughter and I went to a place called Captain Fatty's and had them make the vinyl lettering and the honey bee.  Captain Fatty is a superhero of the tinted car window and vinyl letter business on this side of town.....who knew!  The guests placed their gifts in and around the wheel barrow as they arrived. We had everything from small screwdrivers to ladders, gas powered leaf blower and a post hole digger around that wheelbarrow!
This is where we sat our bride and groom. Another added decoration, gift was the "swag" tool belt holder, some screwdrivers and work gloves.  We made a bow and put caution tape acroos their seats.
This is the happy couple, David and Rebecca.  Love the hand holding! Check out his corsage, if you can zoom in...I forgot to get that photo also. They both had corsages made of a brown "his" work glove and a green "hers" work glove. Small screw drivers and a wrench were fashioned in the brown and white plaid, very small bow. We didn't want to many bows at this shower!  Rebecca wore hers at her waist tied on her belt loop. My friend Lynn was the corsage maker. She did this as a gift to the groom mother, Ellen. How nice!

  We had a great time planning the shower. David and Rebecca loved it. All the men loved the food, secret sauce bbq chicken, man dip (made from sausage, cream cheese and rotel) cocktail weiners, meatballs, cheeses, fruit, apple toffee dip, cupcakes, lemonade and bottled cokes.  Meat, cheese and meat. Sounds perfect and very manly.

We did play two games. I asked David questions about himself, such as...what was his favorite super hero growning up, what is his favorite outfit that Rebecca wears, his favorite meat, etc. As she correctly got the answers, he got to open the presents. Of course we let her slide on some! But she did a great job.  As guests arrived we had two glass jars. In one they were instructed to write a problem that the married couple may face in the future. On the other slip of paper ( I almost wrote slipcover right there, weird)  they were to write the solution to the problem. The cute part was, at the end of the shower, Terry carried the jars around, each guest read a problem and then they took a solution from the other jar. Which means the solutions didn't go to the problems...so the results were hilarious.  Everyone seemed to like these two games. We even had a comment from someone that normally doesn't like showers, and she said it was the best she had ever been to.  The men all appreciated it. Now several other young men that are getting married, want their own "Honey Do" shower, including my son!  I hope that you enjoyed this cute idea for a shower. Now I will get back to my slipcovers!

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  1. C*U*T*E! Well, for a guy Awaome! I'm glad I got to see it.

  2. Gina, This shower is sooo cute!

  3. How many people attended the shower? How did you seat guests to eat?

  4. Becky, it was a couples shower. We didn't sit at a table to eat,it was hor's d'erves. We had about 28 folks. It was so much fun. We made it all about the groom!
    Thanks foe commenting.

  5. Thanks. My friend and I are planning one for the latter part of Feb. (appr. 50 guests) & we are having a meal. I'm trying to decide how to handle to sitting to eat part...everyone scattered around the house or everyone together at tables in garage and parking pad (then weather and time it gets dark play into that)? Suggestions welcome...

  6. I love some of the ideas you have! Much better than most ideas I have found. I have been searching for invitations and found several but they are so expensive and I only need about 20. Where did you find these, they are perfect!

    1. Sherry...I have been out with a broken leg....and blogger has changed format...so I just saw your question. I don't know where the other girl got the invitation, but we did some modifications on the computer to the original design. How did your shower go? I would love to hear.


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