Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Satisfied Customer

Very Happy Real Estate Agent Melissa! This client, (a new favorite person, I might add) was so excited to see her burgandy couch put on some new clothes....that she did a happy dance!! My husband, daughter Caroline and niece Ashley all helped take the sofa up 2 flights of stairs to a beautiful home right on the waterway in Carolina Beach. Melissa has wonderful taste, and she is redoing her living area which happens to have a view right out to the gorgeous water! So out with the burgandy, in with the clean crisp white slipcovers. I picked up chairs to redo in white also. Her hubby will be happy, because I hear he actually calls the fabric names!! So they are both ready for a change. Melissa is even coming up with a different look once cool weather comes. Which for us all here on the coast could be quite a while! A hurricane is brewing and heading our way. So Melissa will just have to sit on her cozy newly slipcovered couch and keep an eye on the weather channel!
Thank you Melissa for your excitement, encouragment and your cheerleading capabilities... oh and your happy dance...... and all the clients you will send my way!! Tee Hee!

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  1. I would be happy, too if you made a wonderful slip for my sofa. Why do you have to live so far away?

  2. gorgeous as always! don't forget to come link up friday for the slipcover linky party!


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