Monday, August 9, 2010

The First Thing I Ever Slipcovered!

While I was rummaging for some fabric, I walked into the guest room and saw my little ottoman sitting there looking so cute! I thought I would show y'all out there in blogland my first slipcover. I did this about a year ago. I had a little fabric left over from making the window treatments, bedskirt, shams, etc. My mom mentioned I needed an ottoman in the room. Well, I just happened to have a stool that my husband made when he was in the seventh grade down in the garage. It had narrow legs he had stained and it was covered in a little bit of padding and black vinyl. Lovely. Anyway....I have never been able to throw it out, if you know what I mean! So I got to hunting, found a bed pillow that was all lumpy, but the cover is what I needed, because I didn't have any white fabric. Then I found some batting from a project that was never finished. So I got out my handy stapler and began wrapping and stapling the batting and the smooth pillow cover that I had cut up. Then I just figured out how to put it together, with some cute pleats. I love mixing patterns of the same colors.
Thought I would show you the rest of the guest room while I was at it. The bed was found at Thrill of the Hunt. I painted the mahogony, white, much to my mother's dismay. Then I got hubby to cut out the plywood for the upholstered part and I covered it with the pink and white fabric. My mom made the bed skirt....I hate making those. I made window treatments that you really can't see in the picture. I made the shams, pillow and coverlet laying on the chair. I found the pretty curved dresser in a friends garage, while we were having an oyster roast in her garage one winter. The mirror was from a consignment store. I painted these two pieces white also and sprayed the handles on the dresser a soft silver. I call this look "Palm Beach" or "Lilly Pulitzer"! Everyone that stays in the room says it's cozy. Thought that I would share this with you!

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  1. C*U*T*E! Even before you ever started making them you were good! Thanks for showing the whole room too. I love that headboard!

  2. Cute as can be! Could be for "Little Miss Muffett"


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