Thursday, September 30, 2010

Couch for Cousin

Wow! Check out the before and after on this couch! See the beautiful print on this sofa. It is a PK Designs. This project was referred to me by a local Window Treatment Designer. Turns out her client was my cousin! My cousin, is her best friend, and didn't know that I had started my slipcover business. Her sofa is one that is made for a slipcover and it had velcro in several places, but with the way I make slipcovers, velcro is not needed. I had to add a zipper in the back, next to the cording, you can't even see it. I think it turned out beautiful. Her husband and grandson, made me so happy, they just gushed over it. Now, I am working on a matching chair! Her den will be so pretty with these new additions. Thanks, cuz!

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  1. absolutely beautiful! you do remarkable work! im so inspired!

  2. Oh my gosh! I wish you lived by me! The work you do is fantastic! I need someone like you to do my furniture!

  3. You really do amazing work. What a beautiful piece, and how funny that the client turned out to be your cousin. I love that!


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