Friday, December 10, 2010

Audrey's New Chair

Audrey's chair looks beautiful now, but it didn't start out this way. This is how it looked before I sent it to it's new home. The fabric is an outdoor, soft fabric by Robert Allen @ Home. It is a beatiful periwinkle blue, with little white dots. The cording fabric matches a chair in her den and the trim on the sofa that we had already completed. Now, the new look in the den is all pulled together, as if it were bought in a showroom all at one time. I wanted to show you a little of how we changed the looks of this chair. I found this sad chair in a Habitat for Humanity store. It was $10.00. I bought it having no idea who would want it, but I knew it would find a home someday. The bottom had a spring loose, which my husband easily fixed. The fabric was old, but it smelled good. Always smell the fabric! I showed this chair to my friend Audrey, she and her husband had been looking for a her a new chair to go with her husband's new chair. They had no luck in the stores so far. Somehow I convinced her that this sad, tired ten dollar chair could be her new beautiful chair. She must have believed me, because she showed up with the fabic, and the adventure was on!

I took the cushion cover off, and much to my delight and all my hopes, the cushion was down filled!! Yea! You can't get a down filled pillow for ten dollars. Then I put the back cushion in the dryer on high heat, just to make me feel better about it and to give it some life. I then put the bottom cushion in the sun to air it out. Then ripped the bottom skirt off. Audrey wanted the chair to be taller. So Brian, my husband added two, 2x4's to the bottom, after cutting off the old legs of course. Then, I wrapped the wood in the new fabric. He then added the newly stained legs and the metal brackets. I love the legs, they are so English looking. Audrey picked them out because they match her husband's new chair legs. See where we are going here....wanting that expensive look without the price! Below is the picture of our handiwork in progress.

This next picture shows the fabric that has been wrapped and stapled over the 2x4's. All of this gave the chair the extra height that Audrey wanted. The height of chair seats and the overall chairs a few years ago were much lower to the floor than they are today, so we fixed that!

This next pictue shows a close up of the leg all stained and pretty, as well as how I treated the hem, with the cording, no skirt this time. I put a zipper in the slipcover along the cording on the back corner.

Now, here is the finished chair, in its new home. Audrey is happy, hubby is happy and the room looks pulled together. What an awesome recycle for a very comfortable chair. I hope this gives you some ideas about what you can do with a chair that you find one day. Just because it looks one way, doesn't mean that you can't change it to a beautiful piece that will fit in with the rest of your home.

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  1. Good going GF! You do amazing work! What a fun fabric to work with.

  2. I just love how you do all the changes on each piece you work on. I have two chairs that sit low to the ground and have thought about adding new legs to them but... Now I'm heading out to lowes to see what I can find. Thanks for all the inspiration. Maybe someday I'll even try my hand at slipcovering...!

  3. You're attention to detail is wonderful. What a clever way to elevate a chair. I've taken a couple of upholstery classes and never seen it done this way. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Now if you could swing by and teach me how to sew a straight seam!


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