Friday, February 4, 2011

Where Do I Sit?

Where to I sit? Sometimes folks ask that when they come in my shop. I usually have lots of furniture around, some of it waiting for a new look. This chair is no exception. I don't know why, but I forgot to take a "before" picture. Basically it was very stained, from a ceiling leaking on it while it was in storage. It belonged to my clients grandmother. I did two of these and I thought that they turned out very nice. They looked so cute sitting there in the newly painted living room.

This is another chair that I completed recently. I believe that it was a hotel club chair. They make great finds for you home if you can get them. They are very sturdy, and putting a slipcover on them, changes their entire look.
This is the chair in it's new slipcover! The fabric is very soft, like a chenille. It was very tough to sew, and I don't think I will be sewing with this type fabric again. My industrial machine was very taxed with the thick layers.  During the sewing, the fabric pushed down on the throat plate and screws came loose! 
                                           Side view of the chair,with it's new skirt.

 The cover fit perfectly! Client was pleased. Yah!! If you ever come to my shop, I always have plenty of places to sit.

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  1. You are very talented! I love how you can change the entire look of a chair through fabric. I wish I could sew like you. I'm still getting my feet wet. Nice work and cute chair!

  2. Gina, I love that little wing chair! What type of fabric is that? I had two chairs like that once; wish I still had them.

  3. You are so talented! The chair turned out beautifully in spite of the heavy fabric. I'm so glad to meet you, I hope we cross paths often! Hugs, Kim

  4. Sorry, I'm a knucklehead - we've "met" before. I'm going to put you on my sidebar so I remember to visit more often...

  5. You are just too GOOD! I saw the petite sofa a few posts down. AMAZING! Pure perfection.
    Everything you cover turns out beautiful;

  6. Your work is amazing...I'm doing a few slipcovers for my home and it's kicking my rear end! Yours are absolutely gorgeous...I'm ripping a seam out right now - blech! JenT

  7. Love both those chairs they turned out great! but im with you on the thick fabric business!! My hands just ache when im finsished with a project like that>


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