Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Candace Chair

A client brought this "Candace" chair to me. She has two fo them.  Kelly at  muchtodowithnothing.com told me that this is what this chair is now called.  It was made right here in Hickory, North Carolina, and it is beautiful.  It has very curved edges and had a lot of seams that needed to be dealt with. I should have prepped for a better picture. When I delivered the final piece, it was all smoothed out, sorry about the wrinkling. I used this one chair to make both slipcovers. That way the client can keep her other at home and make use of it.
This is a before shot of the chair. It is in great condition. The client just wanted a washable change.

                                   Check out the side of this chair, and all the curves. Whew!

This shows a little of the upper inside arm. See all the rows of stitching that have to be done in this one area!
You can see cushions in the background for a client.  They were cushions and chair pads made with painters drop cloth.

This shows another view of all the pinning. Where the pins are located....there will be a seam.  I made the inside arm wrap all the way around the front and to the back of that arm curve. You wouldn't belive what size piece of fabric you need for this piece.

Here is a shot of the arm after it has been sewn with the welt cord added.

This shows a side view fo the chair. Again I should have smoothed it out before taking a picture. But you can see the detail of the sewing process that had to be done for this chair. My client picked a prewashed white denim for this particular project.  Thanks for checking this out. Next!

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  1. I love the lines of this chair! You did a fabulous job on the slipcover! I know what you mean about how much fabric it takes. I found that out the hard way. Looks beautiful! Nice work...
    :) Michelle

  2. You tackled a very difficult piece and came out victorious - Excellent job!

  3. That's why I became interested in upholstery, it was a chance to give an old piece new life. Yet another great job on a difficult piece with those lines of the chair. Do you have to steam some pieces to get the wrinkles out? I'm sure it depends on the fabric choice of the customer.
    Thanks for sharing your work!


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