Monday, May 30, 2011

Not Your Mother-In-Law's Chair Any Longer!

I had a call from a sweet young decorator, needing 2 matching chairs slipcovered.  She is pregnant and you know how that is...doing the whole nesting thing!! She is absolutely adorable, and by the selection of her fabric she has great taste. It is the most dreamy linen with the hot new gray color in different shades and some golden shading in it also. It felt so good to sew, I know to sit on it will be delightful also!!
Seems that my client was fortunate enough to acquire these two chairs from her mother- in-law. They are expensive chairs and were still of course very sturdy.  I took off the skirt, and exposed the pretty legs underneath. This chair was getting a new look. From very traditional, to an updated very young new look. Traditional with a twist!

Chair before (with skirt already taken off)

Check out the back and side. I didn't have to add a zipper.

As you might have noticed. I changed the back cushions. I boxed them for an updated look. 

 Isn't it pretty? I do like making slipcovers, and changing the look of a piece sometimes is quite fun.  What do you have that you could change to make new? Don't just see it as it is....dream a little. And after you are finished dreaming...check out your mother- in- law's attic or garage!!!!

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  1. Love that! I'm just working on a loveseat - boxing the seat cushion, adding a skirt, and going from eighties stripes to a solid golden color. So fun to change it up!

  2. Hello Gina,
    Although I'm quite new to this slipcover thing, I have fallen in love with the transformations it can achieve. I'm hooked!

    Yours are beautiful and your expertise shows in the details...well done.

    Have a lovely week.

    Janet xox

  3. I love love love slipcovers

    I have a wing back chair and matching ottoman I want slipcovers for and guess once things slow down in my life of flea markets and yard sales I am going to try it

    you do a great job


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