Monday, June 13, 2011

Perfect Pleats... Love & Match

Check out this Chaise.  It was so pretty and comfortable (I had to give it a try!), but the owner wanted a different look for her home.  The fabric before had a Tropical feel, or a Tommy Bahama look to it. It was cream colored and very heavily textured. The client felt that with a dog and two children always on the was time for a change for that reason also. 
She picked out a beautiful white fabric by Robert Allen, from Fabric Solutions in Wilmington, NC. It washes like a dream and comes out so pretty that ironing is just about unneccessary. While I am on this subject, let me give you a little advice. When you are looking for fabric and you don't like to a little investigating first before purchasing.   Always bring home a small piece....trace around it on a piece of paper....wash and dry it, then lay it back on your tracing to check for shrinkage....and general appearance. If it is hard and wrinkles are set in, it may be difficult to iron the wrinkles out. Give it a try. I have had to sew before on very hard fabric and the wrinkles were almost set in.  So, do a little investigating before purchasing fabric.  Oh, and use plenty of fabric softner in the rinse cycle!

In the above picture, you can see I am already starting to pinfit the slipcover.  The arms are curved and very pretty.
This is the results after hours of working on the skirt. I hand pieced the skirt.  Wow...that took a very long time. There is an extra price for this type skirt. It is a 3 inch boxed skirt.  I will no longer have to hand fold the skirts from now on, so it will not be as tedious.  I purchased the Quick Pleater tool from Angie over at . It is $29.95 plus shipping and worth every penny. She has several sizes and it can also do knife pleats. It is absolutely amazing. Check out her store...she has several items.

                                                 Here is the side view of the chaise.
And here is my happy customer!  See.... she is all dressed up for a tennis match. So, there we have it.....perfect the chaise.....and match.... for a perfectly sweet client to a perfectly lovely piece of furniture!!

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  1. That is a good looking chair, nice job! I also have the Perfect Pleater and love that it saves so much time.

  2. Gina, how are ya! Hope you were able to solve your last dilemma; sorry I was so busy and didn't get back to you.

    Thanks for such kind words about the Quick Pleater! glad you are lovin' it.

  3. Love your chaise slipcover. Was the fabric a heavy cotton? Also, do you do the pinning and sewing at your place or your client's place. I just finished a large sofa and a loveseat for a client but had to pin and sew it at their home. I would prefer to do it in my workroom but have a problem with transporting the furniture. Small chairs wouldn't be a problem but anything bigger and I have this dilemma of where to do the work.


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