Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adorable Ottoman

OOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Is this a word?) Isn't this one of the cutest, most adorable ottomans you have ever seen?????
 A client had me pick this ottoman up when I delivered her sofa slipcover.  She didn't have the fabric, but continued to look around town.  Then she called me...she had found the perfect fabric for her old outdated rose colored vinyl ottoman!  And wow did she find the perfect fabric at Mill Outlet in Wilmington, NC.

Isn't it beautiful? It is the most gorgeous turquoise color with large white coral design. The color would just go with about anything anywhere. 

Check out the beautiful design.

As you can see...on part of the boxing....I found enough area to use just turquoise to cut down a little bit on the business. 

The top of the ottoman took quite a few minutes trying to place the coral in just the right configuration so that it looked correct.

I just had to go upstairs and place it in front of one of my white chairs.  I just love it. I wished it were mine!! Now I am on the lookout for ugly round vinyl ottomans with wheels! 

Check out the knife pleats. The customer gave me permission to come up with a design. And this just screamed 1 inch knife pleats.  What do you think?  I used the Quick Pleater by Angie that I have mentioned on this site before.  She just shipped me the 1/2 inch size that I am going to use for some pillows!!!  
                The quick pleater is so easy to use!  And look what it can do for an ottoman like this!!

                                                                        I want one!!!

                                                              See these cute pleats!
                                                                      More pleats!  
                                             I left the skirt so that it just rides above the floor.
Needless to say the client,loved her new/old ottoman.  (Thanks Suzanne!) I thought she did a great job on taking that sad ottoman and choosing this beautiful fabric, so that it could be turned into this ADORABLE OTTOMAN!!!!

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  1. I live in WIlmington and heading right over to the Mill Outlet and get this fabric (if it's still there) Love the ottoman!!


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