Tuesday, June 25, 2013

She Sews Slipcovers by the Seashore

Wow! This Chippendale love seat looks totally different than when I started with it! It's the cutest little thing now. So bright, cheery and beachy.


Isn't it beautiful? Now check this out....This is how we started!


This is actually a slipcover. My clients grandmother gave her this very nice piece of furniture. And she had enjoyed it for many years.

It is very well made. No sagging. Nice structure. Just needed updating! Slipcovers help protect the original upholstery and give you a change in looks for you!


I have no idea how old it is but I believe it was made in North Carolina. Check out the detail on the leg.

I just loooooove the fabric, so bright and colorful. I think the curve of the seashells went so well with the curve of the arm..don't you?

This had a very pronounced arm curve.......This is a detail that I think is superb.

Check out the matching that I did on the cushion and main body part! Aren't these shells so colorful and cute?

The client didn't want a skirt and I agreed with her. She was so pleased with her updated grandmother sofa!

She wanted a couple of throw pillows. And they finished off this piece. Here is some more arm detail.

This adorable sofa finds its way in a newly redone, blue cottage with a white picket fence, located close to the seashore.





I just love to...SEW SLIPCOVERS by the SEASHORE. Got to go ...I hear the waves!!!!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous sofa and it looks so fresh with it's lovely new cover. Well done, what a great job!
    Ange x

    1. Thank you Ange! I think it looks fresh and a big change. Love comments!

    2. Thank you Ange! I think it looks fresh and a big change. Love comments!


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