Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"I've Just Got To Have It" Bedroom Chair

This is the chair, here is the story!



This chair was found at a resale store by my client Beverly. She hated the worn out, stained fabric.

I personally thought...that when new, and in the right place it must have been a beauty. She saw it at the resale store and just had to have it. She said it was so cozy and deep.... she just sunk right in.

The arms were pleated. It softens the look of this chair. The fabric was washed in hot water, with lots of fabric softener and dried on high heat, to shrink it as much as possible. So now the slipcover is washable.


The back cushion was boxed. A very nice surprise..the cushions were down wrapped, no wonder the chair was so cushy!

The only thing I hated, was covering up this beautiful curve and the legs. But the client needed the room to be softened and in this case a nice long dramatic skirt is exactly what was needed.

The ottomans was so out of shape I had to push, shove, and pull it to get the top part to sit right! This was caused by never rotating the ottoman. Always rotate your ottoman so one side doesn't get worn or pushed out of shape. And always flip your cushions and vacuum them also! A little maintenance on these things and believe me you will be happier with the way your furniture will last.

I sometimes text a sneak peek of the furniture when I am finished my clients...this is what I sent Beverly.

I can't give the whole thing away! I love the reveal. like to see my clients faces when they first walk in!

This is the chair and ottoman......All cozy and finished. When Beverly saw it she was so tickled. I love that reaction! It's going to sit in a beautiful bedroom overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway. I am so happy she found this jewel and she said.." I've just got to have it!"

Update: here is a picture of the chair at "home".



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