Friday, July 30, 2010

How Very English...

There is just something about this piece that speaks England and all that is very English!! It is a beautiful sofa with an what some folks call an English arm. It has beautiful turned legs with brass casters! Thrill Of The Hunt (in Wilmington) commissioned me to fabricate the slipcover for the loveseat. The fabric is a blue and cream, Robert Allen. It is piped in yellow and has a yellow and blue paisley on the top of the cushion and blue and white stripe on the bottom. We had just enough fabric to do the boxing, so we didn't worry about match there, but everywhere else it was matched. Linda at Thrill of the Hunt loves to mix fabrics. She is always buying fabric for future pieces and we had just enough to put this piece together!! Talk about pressure! Don't mess up...Don't mess up!! My friend Ellen, who is a decorator in her own right, says this piece looks like the style that ANTHROPOLIGE is all about right now. I love the crab pillows that Linda added as we rolled the loveseat in it's place amoung all the other beautiful pieces she has for sale. It even sits on a antique beautiful wool rug. How very English!
On August the 6th, this was a featured slipcover for PinkandPolkadotblogspots, Friday's Featured Slipcovers! Thank you Pink and Polka Dot.

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  1. Wow! Such a beautiful piece. And with your stunning work it's sure to fetch a pretty penny for the seller. Love how it turned out.


  2. Gina, what a nice piece. I love pieces that size and the blue & yellow is so very English. Hope you get lots more work from that baby.

  3. Gorgeous!
    On a recent trip to Jacksonville, NC (from Jacksonville FL) I made my daughter take me to Wilmington just to go in Thrill of the Hunt, based on what you had said. I loved the store and there was only one chair by you in there at that time (that I could see) and it was gorgeous. Everything in that store is awesome!!!


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