Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dining Chair Gets A Cottage Look

This is one of a pair of dining room chairs that I have slipcovered! I love the green fabric with the raspberry colored polka dot which I purchased at Fabric Barn in Goldsboro, NC. But I wanted some new "Clothes For My Furniture" on those chairs, so I worked with this new fabric which I purchased at Printers Alley in Wilmington. The fabric was on sale for $4.99 a yard. Deal!!! It gives the chairs a beachy cottage look! Love both looks, but I love the change! I origanally got the chairs from Sue at Primrose Cottage (a consighment store) in Carolina Beach years ago. I think they were red, white and blue before. I told Sue I was putting her picture on my blog, her daughter prodded her into posing! Aren't the chairs adorable!!!

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  1. You are just too good girl! Gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by today. I'll call you. There's so much more to this story. Like a mouse nesting, tearing holes in... and peeing on one of my $250.00 slips in the shop. They took the attitude of "Gee, Gosh, I hate it for you, but it's not our fault!" I kinda went a little wierd on them.

    But these slips you made are beautiful! Perfection. I love the fabric!
    xo, Kelly

  2. You totally transformed them. They have a new personality now. I love them! I'm happy to follow you, and if you ever have something you would like to "brag" about, please link to my party on Wednesdays -- the Boardwalk Bragfest!

  3. Gina,

    That fabric is awwwwwesome girl and so is that slip!


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