Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy, but updating for the troops, tee hee!

I know I know.....I have been slack with my postings! I am so sorry to all of you in blog land! I have been very busy sewing! The fall seems to be a busy time for folks wanting slipcovers, cushions and pillows made! I really appreciate all the folks that read my blog, just like I appreciate those of you that write blogs. But you never know who is reading your blog and some of you really are kind, sweet and in some cases just down right pushy...(just kidding) telling me to update my blog!! One of those folks that read my blog is all the way in Iraq! Cody patiently waits for me to update my blog and tells his mom to get after me. He is very kind, but I think he likes the connections of folks back home, not that he is an interior decorator or anything! His wife Jill likes to do that. We love to see him when he is home. Cody is one of those brave young men and women that serve our country over and over. Pray for Cody, when you pray for the troops.
Cody... here is one of the things that I have been working on.....your grandmothers rocking chair cushions! You can sit on them when you get home. Be safe. We love you!

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  1. So ya'll have someone in the military too? God Bless you all! My husband is retired Army (82nd Airborne) and our son is currently active duty army as well. I LOVE your blog and your sewing genius! And love that you are associated with the military!


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