Monday, November 21, 2011

Cheers y'all

                    Cheers Y'all as we say in the south!!  That is what I am calling this set of chairs!! 

I have the sweetest neighbors... Arlene and Bruce.  They have great taste and are always finding projects for my husband to renovate and me to slipcover!!  Their house is a showplace.  This chair is one of two that I did for their sitting area off the kitchen.

 This was the chair before. It is cute as it can be..but it was showing some we did some  updating. 

 The fabric is a soft prewashed denim. I washed it again just for safety sake.  Arlene wanted a skirt to the floor since there was so much wood in the sitting area..
 I made some lumbar pillows out of coordinating fabric, and some arm covers. As you can see the arm covers are piped just like the chair. I have always wondered why you would put an arm cover on and cover up the pretty piping.

Another view.
Arlene and Bruce were relaxing with a glass of wine when  Brian and I came over to deliver the after getting the chairs situated.. we sat back down and enjoyed some neighbor time with a glass of wine.

You can see both chairs in this picture. Isn't the room pretty also?
 I also covered barstools for this same area in the coordinating fabric. I like to add cording to a chair like this to finish it off.  It makes it a little prettier I think.  Arlene has great taste and  I think she did a great job on the fabric selection.  The chairs are very nice and cozy and worth the time and effort she put into this project.
Bruce is enjoying his wine and the new chairs already...before I could even get the barstools all completed!!
Well, we didn't have to travel far to deliver this beautiful pair of chairs and I loved the way we ended our delivery.....with nice neighbors and a cold glass of wine.  Arlene's coaster says it all "Cheers Y'all"!!

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  1. You did an amazing job. One of these days, I am, too, going to slipcover 2 chairs and an ottoman. I do my dining seats at least once a year.


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