Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Son's Rehearsal Dinner

I am not the best Facebook or Blog "keeper upper"....(if that is a word). I am so behind and I have noticed in Blogland lots of others are just about as slow in posting as me. Life seems to be so busy right now. I thought when my children got older it would get better. Still waiting.  Speaking of children.......
My son Andrew got married to Lauren and they are so in love!! The wedding looked like something out of Southern Living Magazine. Lauren's mom, Barbara, did a great job pulling Lauren and Andrew's ideas together.  I will post those pictures later.
I thought that I would share a little of the Rehearsal Dinner that my husband and I hosted along with my sister Margaret and her husband. It was a buffet supper at my sisters club, Walnut Creek Country Club in Goldsboro, NC.  My friend Ellen helped me pull together an idea that I had from about 5 years ago.  My son always grew up with blue and white ceramics, in our home, so I wanted to incorporate this with Lauren's colors of Navy, Green and Pink.

Ellen found the beautiful luxurious table cloths at a rental place in Wilmington. She then took grosgrain ribbon and wrapped around small votives. We rented navy blue napkins and had the menu printed on a creamy colored card, printed in navy blue. 

The ceramic pieces were picked up at a local store, Tomlinsons, it is a warehouse store with all kinds of neat things including everything from hunting gear, to beautiful lamps and diamonds.  This was the Bride and Groom table. My friend Ellen found these picture frames and spray painted them white for the table numbers. This table was special with 3 flower arrangements, which Ellen just put together that afternoon while we set up.

 I also found some of the blue and white ceramic pieces at a local second hand store. I had to look for quite a while for the right blue and white designs.
                                               Isn't the green table cloth pretty and shimmery?!!
                                               White roses added some elegance to the main table.
 Each table had one of 3 or 4 different ceramic center pieces.  Yes, we do know that some of them were tall and folks may not be able to speak over them. But after a while of looking it was either my wonderful design idea or come up with something else. In the end I decided not to worry about how people could see each other on the other side. I figured that they would most likely talk to those on either side of them and just went with the ceramic pieces that I found.  No one complained and the tables were beautiful.
 Ellen found this frame in a bronze color and spray painted it white. I did some fancy typing for the table guest list. Ellen hates computers and printing.  She likes to glue and paste!  The blue and white geometric is a fabric.
                        My hubby helping set up the room. The view of the golf course was beautiful.
 This is a tired crew. We set up everything very fast. My sister, a friend of my daughter, my daughter Caroline, husband Brian and Ellen, checking out the lunch menu at the club.  We were tired, but finished!!!
 These are the wreaths that I made for the front door.  Using the mesh and colors of the wedding. I tried to keep it as masculine as possible, since it was the rehearsal dinner. 
                                                       "A" for Andrew and "L" for Lauren
   I enjoyed planning the rehearsal dinner by looking on blogs and in wedding magazines.  But I kept going back to a photo that I tore out of a magazine years ago of a party that someone had on their back patio. I thought the blue and white on the green was so pretty. I had also seen an idea similar in a Charleston bridal magazine. Ellen, one of my best friends was so key to this whole event. She was my encourager and planner and she would keep me calm.  She helped me take this idea and run with it.  Other friends helped pick up flowers, and the grooms cake.  Thank the Lord above for good friends.  I will show you more photos and ideas later. Congratulations Andrew and Lauren!!

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  1. Gina, great job on the rehearsal dinner! Ellen is a wonderful friend with great ideas. I'm glad she was there for you. I love how she dressed with the decor in blue and white. :) Bless you! Myra


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