Thursday, June 24, 2010

WCAA Meeting with Jeanelle Dech

Today our local WCAA, (Window Coverings Association of America) met for the 3rd time. We are a group of professionals, (if you can call me that!!!) that fabricate, install window treatments, do upholstry work and slipcovers. You may check out the website at for professionals in your area and links to other sites. Our guest speaker was Jeanelle Dech. Jeanelle is from Pennsylvania, has her own business in fabric/textile design, where she designs her own line of fabrics. She also teaches at Custom Home Furnishings in Charlotte, a school for the trade. You may check out the school at this Jeanelle has a wonderful DVD on Slipcovers and you may contact her at .We have emailed back and forth and today I met her for the first time. She is kind, funny and very smart. We were honored to have her come to our meeting and share with us "How to Find Your Niche". I love this business!!!

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  1. Great photo Gina! Thanks for getting it on your blog so quickly. Would love for you to follow mine


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