Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Your Normal Day At The Beach With Gina

Well, What can I say? Another normal day with me at the beach!! Anything can happen!
My friend Brenda, Wendy and her beautiful daughter, Stephanie went to the North End of Carolina Beach. We drove out on the sand, threw our chairs, umbrella and cooler out and began our wonderful day on the beach! We hadn't settled in to long before we saw a newswoman from a local channel wanting to turn her camera on all of us unsupecting, no-makeup wearing, bathing suit wearing, wouldn't want anyone see us on tv, suncreen covered women. Whew! I told her to take advice from me, don't ask anyone for an opinion or put them on tv, unless they are a hot young girl or a man. Men don't care, and we would rather see pretty young women!! So, as you can see Stephanie was prodded by us to give her opionion on camera! Doesn't she look pretty? The rest of us made sure that we weren't anywhere near the lense!! Just another normal day on the beach with Gina.

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  1. Very cute blog!
    I send you warm greetings from Croatian sea:)
    Big kisses.
    Zondra Art


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